The perfect machine for every purpose!

The name OSTLER Maschinenbau represents quality and flexibility.
The main goal is the development and production of efficient, powerful and highly qualitative hydraulic and universal loaders. But also logging machines with crane, dung distributors and mobile cranes are produced in-house.

Furthermore the company meets individual costumer requests and manufactures different kinds of special machines.

  • to K3
  • to K3 - precise quickness, utmost stability, amazing power
  • to K3 - telescope axle, utmost stability

Innovation, quality and flexibility

The company OSTLER Maschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1998. Meanwhile 20 employees are occupied and a dealer network in Germany was created.

Moreover OSTLER products are highly demanded all over Europe and they are indispensable, especially in farming.

Through the in-house development and production it is always possible to invent innovative machines - such as the universal loader k3 with its hydraulic telescope axle.